Helpful Links to Complete Your "Where in the World" Wednesday Research

PBS NewsHour Extra

DOGO News - International


Student News Net

Happy News

Good News Stories

Dogo News

Steps to Complete Your "Where in the World" Wednesday Research

  1. Use this template while conducting your research. -

  2. Save your filled-in document to your Home Folder. Name it with your first name and article name.

  3. Upload your document to our Collazo Cove Scribd account.

  4. Once your document is uploaded, click on it, and scroll down until you see the "Embed" button on the right margin.

  5. Click the COPY box next to "Share Full Screen URL" (top box).

  6. Open up our Collazo Cove Google Map found HERE.

  7. Log into Google Maps using our class Gmail and our class password.

  8. Click on "Where in the World Wednesday" Map on the left hand side.

  9. Click the EDIT button (so you can edit our map). Then you should see the Placemark Icon.

  10. Find the location where the events in your article took place.

  11. Create a Placemarker. The title should be the title of your article.

  12. Next to Description click RICH TEXT.

  13. Type the words, "HERE is the article".

  14. Highlight the word HERE and link it by pasting the information you copied from Scribd. (Remember you do this by clicking the chain link icon)

  15. Click OK on your placemark and SAVE the entire map.

  16. Now click DONE!